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Swedish Massage (Relaxation)
Perfect for relaxation and removing muscle tension. Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massages ideal for those who are wanting to relax.
Also available for couples
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massages uses a firmer pressure to penetrate deep layers of muscle, the technique carries blood and nutrients to your muscles while eliminating toxins. Perfect for stressed and over worked muscles
Also available for couples
Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage has many benefits including, relieving muscle tension, stress, anxiety &promoting sleep. Hot stones are strategically placed to relieve pain in problem areas.

Special Offers

Sai Noi Signature Thai Massage
Thai Massage works the entire body using a sequence of movements helping posture, back pain, relieving stress, muscle tension & headache relief
Also available for couples
Thai Yoga & Hot Oil Massage
A Massage designed on improving and balancing the flow of energy throughout the body while also stretching series of the body's muscles
Thai Herbal Compress Massage
Originated in Thailand an alternative therapy treatment which is applied on your soft tissues to help relieve stress, improve sleep, promote blood circulation & stimulate the lymphatic system
Gue Cha Cupping & Detox(Massage included)
This is a combination of traditional Thai massage and ancestral healing methods based on the application of plant pouches all over the body in order to make energy flow. Pindas (hot poultice filled with medicated herbs) allow acting onto the acupuncture points to relax the body. It relieves muscle and joint pain and improves blood circulation
Pregnancy Massage
A massage that works many wonders, reduces swelling, relieves back pain & improves sleep, benefiting both mum and baby
The Office Worker Massage
Refresh your body and those aches & pains with out 30 minutes Back, Neck & Shoulder massage.

Relax & Relive your body of any physical or mental stress with a 60 minute Back, Neck & Shoulder massage

For Two
Pamper yourself and your loved ones with an relaxing Back, Neck & Shoulder massage.

Couple's Massage

Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage (Relaxtation)
Foot Reflexology Massage
Foot reflexology is pressure point based massage that targets specific nerve points to heal the body
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