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Mika has been working at Sai Noi Thai Massage in our Yaldhurst clinic for the last year and has gained a very good rapport with our regular clients and has many  requests from clients for her to give them their massage Mika was originally trained in Japan and has many great massage Tanique's and has also now added Thai qualifications to her repertoire She has had many years experience working in Japan and also trained in chiropractic movements to help with pain relief of some clients .Mika will be a very valued member of our Merivale clinic Why not request Mika on your next visit to Sai Noi
Hathai was trained as a Thai masseuse in the Thai School of Medine and then been working in a 5-star hotel and spa in Phuket. She is an expert in all aspects of Thai Massage but is a specialist at deep tissue therapy and pain relief. With Hathai here at Sai Noi we can now offer couples a very enjoyable massage experience with both receiving the very best of female Thai therapists or two individuals having their massage in two completely different rooms. Hathai is also a trained beauty therapist and now at Sai Noi you can have Hathai work her magic and receive warm steam cleansing and facial making you look and feel like a movie star. Why not now come for our Steam Alpine Sauna then have a relaxing full body massage then have Hathai give you the facial treatment you will never forget.
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